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Though it’s hard to determine when someone truly knows themselves as an artist, I can state that over the past few years, I feel more attuned to both my purpose and interests when it comes to painting.


Much of my work this year centers reflections of growing up queer in a conservative theocracy, coming to terms with my ongoing battles with mental illness, and the quintessential artistic dialogue of dealing with matrilineal trauma.  I paint more fluidly when I feel emotionally connected to what’s happening between me and the canvas.  Lately, my practice has been to find the story, feel the story, then paint.  


I often explore personal experiences growing up gay in a conservative, religious environment–both domestic and societal.  Instead of painting direct memories or incidents as narrative, I am interested in speaking to a society that casually maligns queer humans as morally bankrupt sinners doomed to eternal punishment through Christian concepts. 


Whenever I paint, at least right now, I want to keep hopping around to new ideas, revisiting old ones, and  slowly peel back the layers of insecurity that envelop the shy, inner artist within.

Under Construction

More art coming soon.  I promise.

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