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Professor - Designer - Painter

I'm a trained, professional costume designer for theatre who believes that art education within the context of theatre design needs an overhaul.  My mission, through my own work and that of my students, is to de-stigmatize image-making and increase students' confidence in their visual communication skills.

My research interests include digital costume rendering techniques, incorporating more realistic applications of pattern, bodies, and texture within a sketch. Over the course of the next few semesters, I will be working to develop tutorials and techniques on how costume designers can use their iPads to bring their art into the digital age.

You can connect with me about Digital Rendering Instruction and access our online course content using the button below.

Selfie as a Stranger
Home: Welcome
Hades from Girls on a Dirt Pile
Frederick from Noises Off
Commissioned Artwork: Lady Justice
Malvolia from Twelfth Night
Peter Quint from Turn of the Screw
Mme. Boeuf from Rhinoceros
Carborundum from Monstrous Regiment
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